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January 2008 Recipe

Peppermint Truffle
2 lbs. Peter’sŪ Original™ white chocolate, tempered
10 oz. Heavy cream
4 oz. Peter’sŪ Liquid Caramel
2 oz. Dairy butter, soft
1/8 tsp. Natural peppermint oil
2 lbs. Candy cane pieces, roughly chopped
Peter’sŪ Original™ white chocolate, tempered

Heat  Peter’sŪ Liquid Caramel and cream together and scald; allow to cool
below 105° F. Whisk in Peter’sŪ Original™ white chocolate until combined.
Blend in softened butter and peppermint oil. Chill ganache until firm.
Scoop or pipe into small portions and allow to dry. Roll into balls. Place
candy cane pieces in a shallow pan. Roll or dip truffle balls into tempered
Peter’sŪ Original™ white chocolate and then roll in candy cane pieces.

Yield: Approximately 125 pieces