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January 2011 Recipe

Almond Hazelnut Meltaways

Bottom Layer: Almond Caramel
454 g   Peter's® caramel loaf
170 g   Slivered raw almonds
28 g   Dairy butter

Melt butter over medium heat in skillet pan and add almonds. Roast until light brown, approximately 5-10 minutes. Melt caramel until soft (140-160 F) and blend in almonds. Spread out " thick (12" x 12" square). When firm and cool, apply bottom with tempered chocolate.

Top Layer: Hazelnut Meltaway
340 g   Hazelnut paste 50%
340 g   Peter's® Burgundy® semisweet chocolate, tempered

Blend room temperature hazelnut paste with tempered chocolate. Whip slightly and spread on top of almond layer. Allow to cool and firm. Cut into 1" squares and enrobe in milk or dark chocolate.

Yield: 144