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November 2015 Recipe

Cranberry Cordial

600 g   Prepared fondant
30 g   Cranberry powder
150 g   Dried cranberries
  Peter's® Chatham® milk chocolate

Mould shells using Peter's® Chatham® milk chocolate. Combine cranberry powder with water to make paste. Mix cranberry paste with warmed prepared fondant. Blend thoroughly and set aside to cool. When shells have completely set, and after fondant mix has cooled to below 90° F, deposit a small amount in each cavity. Then place two or three cranberries in each, pressing them into the fondant. After cranberries have been placed, fill the mould with cranberry fondant leaving 1 to 2 millimeters for bottoming. Allow fondant to dry and crust before bottoming.

Yield: 96 cordials



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