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April 2010 Recipe

Fudge Eggs

19.5 oz. 42/43 DE corn syrup
54 oz. Sugar
12 oz. Heavy cream
18 oz. Dairy butter, room temperature
42 oz. Peterís® Chatham® milk chocolate
12 oz. Peterís® Broken Orinoco™ chocolate liquor
Peterís® Chatham® milk chocolate
Peterís® Original™ white chocolate

In a Hobart-type mixing bowl (large enough for the entire batch), blend butter, melted Peterís® Chatham® milk chocolate and melted Peterís® Broken Orinoco™ chocolate liquor together. In a separate pot, cook corn syrup, sugar and cream to 237į F. Wet wipe sides of pot after mixing before batch begins boiling. Allow to cool below 160į F. Slowly pour the hot mix into the chocolate/butter blend and mix together using a flat mixing blade. Spread fudge out to Ĺ inch thick and allow to cool to room temperature. Using an egg-shaped cutter, form eggs and allow to firm before enrobing with Peterís® Chatham® milk chocolate. Decorate with tempered Peterís® Original™ white chocolate colored with liquid candy color.

Yield: Approximately 150 pieces