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April 2013 Recipe

Honey Tea Truffles

230 g   Heavy cream
410 g   Peter's® White Icecap® caps
80 g   Dairy butter, room temperature
5 g   Invertase
226 g   Creamed honey, lemon flavored
4   Earl Grey tea bags
    Peter's® Ultra® milk chocolate

Scald heavy cream and Earl Grey tea bags. Allow to cool below 105° F and remove tea bags, allowing them to drain. Whisk in melted Peter's® White Icecap® caps and mix until consistent. Blend in dairy butter and invertase until smooth. Allow to stand for one hour. Pipe warmed creamed honey, between 87 - 88° F, into chocolate shells made with Peter's® Ultra® milk chocolate. Let stand one hour. Warm tea ganache between 87 - 88° F, and deposit ganache into shells as second layer on top of the honey layer. Allow to set overnight; apply bottom. If desired, decorate polycarbonate mould with colored cocoa butter prior to making shells.

Yield: 80 truffles