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May 2007 Recipe

Coconut Squares with Lime Zest
8 oz. Coconut milk
0.8 oz. Honey
1 lb. Peter’sŪ Original™ white chocolate
0.8 oz. Peter’sŪ cocoa butter
6.5 oz. Toasted coconut
Zest of one lime
Peter’sŪ Adair™ bittersweet chocolate

Bring coconut milk to simmer. Add lime zest and let it set for 30 minutes.
Bring coconut milk to simmer again and pour over melted Peter’sŪ Original™
white chocolate
, Peter’sŪ cocoa butter and honey. Mix well adding toasted
coconut at end. When thoroughly combined, pour mixture onto waxed paper-lined baking sheet to desired thickness and let set up. After ganache sets up,
cut into bite size pieces and coat with Peter’sŪ Adair™ bittersweet chocolate. For decoration, sprinkle some coconut on top.

Yield: Approximately 135 pieces