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May 2012 Recipe

Bananas Foster Truffle Pops

320 g   Banana puree*
80 g   Heavy cream
75 g   Freeze dried banana powder**
600 g   Peter's® White Icecap® caps, melted to 95°-100° F
600 g   Peter's® caramel loaf
300 g   Peter's® liquid caramel
    Peter's® Finley™ white chocolate
108   4" lollipop sticks

Blend banana puree, heavy cream and banana powder. Whisk in melted Peter's® White Icecap® caps and mix until homogenous. Deposit into 0.4 oz silicone truffle moulds and freeze (overnight or longer). Melt Peter's® caramel loaf and Peter's® liquid caramel together and hold at approximately 150° F. Remove frozen banana truffles from moulds a few at a time, and insert sticks completely through the truffle balls. Immediately dip into hot caramel to the stick level. Place on parchment lined tray (sticks up) and cool. Using tempered Peter's® Finley™ white chocolate, pre-bottom the truffle first and allow to firm. Completely dip truffles, making sure all caramel is sealed with white chocolate (this will prevent leaking). To decorate, color some white chocolate with oil-based yellow coloring and string using a pastry bag with a very small hole.

*Banana Puree: Sauté 450 g very ripe, sliced bananas and 75 g each of butter and brown sugar over medium heat until scalded/bubbling; mix with immersion blender.

**NP Nutra, www.npnutra.com

Yield: 108 lollipops