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June 2012 Recipe

Strawberry Cordials

900 g   Frozen whole strawberries
700 g   Fondant sugar
70 g   Corn syrup
20 g   Lemon juice
5 g   Invertase
    Hollow shells made with Peter's® Maridel™ milk chocolate

Thaw strawberries in wire mesh sieve and retain the strawberry juice. Make hollow shells with Peter's® Maridel™ milk chocolate and let dry. Thoroughly drain and pat strawberries dry. Cut into pieces that will completely fit into the chocolate moulds. In a Hobart-type mixer, blend the fondant sugar, corn syrup, lemon juice, invertase and 80 g of strawberry juice. When fondant cream is well mixed, deposit a small amount into the bottom of each mould. Place a piece of strawberry into each mould. Top with more fondant cream to fill the mould and cover the strawberry. When cream is firm and the surface is dry and crusted, apply chocolate bottoms to shells.

Yield: 192 cordials